OTC Services for Investors and Stakeholders

Individuals and institutions can use our personalized, over-the-counter (OTC), trading service for bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

Canada's Public OTC for Digital Asset

We are here to help each client understand their digital asset investments and give them a simple and quick way to trade.

Personalized Service

You can explore the world of crypto assets by using a personal service. iminotc has a Canadian based live team that you can talk to.

Digital Currency Experts

We can help you from the beginning, whether you need quick guidance or detailed assistance in setting up your digital storage or choose our insured custody solution.


We deliver real cryptocurrency assets directly to your wallet, unlike most other exchanges. If you want custody options we have partnered with Fireblocks to offer an insurred custody solution.

Same-Day Settlements

For wires received before 2:30 PM CT, your crypto assets will be delivered the same day that you trade with us. We are able to do this by having access to large liquidity pools and offer industries the best rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

iminotc was established to offer high-touch digital asset and digital currency investment services. We created iminotc to fill the convenience and value gap between iminotc Bitcoin ATM network, and OTC platforms that require very large investment amounts.  iminotc is different from other exchanges. We place a high value on education, safety, and ease-of-use. We are here to help each client understand their digital asset investments and give them a simple and quick way to trade.

Clients who have been approved by iminotc can buy and sell these digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC/CAD), Ethereum(ETH/CAD), and Cardano(ADA/CAD). You might also be able to request additional assets. Ask our traders!

Each transaction must be at least $10,000 in value.

At this point, bank wires are the only acceptable payment method

One of the benefits of becoming a client and using our service is the ability to speak with a specialist live. We are digital currency specialists who can answer all questions regarding the purchase or sale of digital currencies and their security.

We can assist you in setting up your own secure storage. Digital currency is a tool for financial independence. We do not offer custodial accounts as most exchanges. We prefer to show you how to protect your coins and tokens.

After payment, purchase, and delivery by you, iminotc will not hold digital currency. Our experts can help you to keep your digital currency safe.

We show you how to become your bank.

iminotc doesn't charge any commission for any transaction. Instead, you will receive a spread via phone that is based on the market-competitive index. The price you are quoted is all-inclusive and there will not be any additional fees from iminotc. Spreads are dependent on market liquidity. Spreads can be fully negotiated during trades.

Only approved iminotc account holders can call our dedicated trading line between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time.

We will need to know the type and amount of cryptocurrency that you wish to buy or sell.

If you are purchasing, we will send a wire to you. If not, our trader will provide an address to which to send your crypto asset.

Once we receive the payment in USD or digital currency, the delivery process will start so you can get your digital currency. A confirmation email and receipt will be sent to you regarding your trade. These should be used by you for your tax and accounting purposes.

The delivery process starts once the wire funds have been received by iminotc.

iminotc will transfer CAD to the account of a customer who is selling digital currency to iminotc.

If the customer wishes to purchase digital currency, iminotc will send a small test transaction. The amount will be selected by iminotc and the customer will not see the transaction amount. A representative from iminotc will confirm the amount with the customer over a telephone call.

The digital currency balance will then be sent to the customer once the test transaction has been received and confirmed.

Customers will be able to receive a receipt for digital currency purchases or sales. This receipt can be used for tax reporting and accounting purposes.